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Is the Ink Safe for the Skin?

The Ink we use is called Duratat- a water-based, safe for the skin cosmetic-grade body paint. Non-Allergenic, Non-Toxic and made with all FDA approved ingredients. 
What does TAT  stand for?
TAT stands for Temporary Airbrush Tattoo.

Will it Hurt?

No- the process is completely painless. The air might be a little cool on the skin though.
What is the Cost?
Our parties are booked on a per hour basis with a 2 hour minimum. Please see "About Us" for more on parties/events. However, our Fair/Festival prices range from $5-$19 per tattoo depending on the complexity of the stencil design. 

How long does it take to get a tattoo?

Depending on the size of the tattoo it takes anywhere from 2-3 minutes...some of our larger designs will take a bit longer. 
What are stencils used for?
We have over 300 stencils that can be viewed from our display books or banners. These are the designs that clients choose from and are placed on the skin and then airbrushed with the clients choice of color(s). We can also create a custom stencil for your event...please allow 2-3 weeks.

Is the Ink Waterproof and how long will my TAT last?

The ink dries virtually instantly and is completely water-resistant within 30 minutes. Your TAT will last anywhere from 2-10 days depending on many factors, such as:
  • where on the body the tattoo is located (some areas rub more with your clothing)
  • your skin type...the drier your skin the longer the tattoo will last
  • how well you take care of not rub after getting wet, air dry and powder with baby powder
  • Keep free of lotions and perfumes 
  • TATS are easily removed with baby oil, rubbing alcohol or soap and water 

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